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Personal Injury Lawyers for St. John's Area

Rogers Bussey: Your Source for a Personal Injury Lawyer in St. John's and Newfoundland
In our experience, no two cases are the same. But if you have suffered an injury through the actions or negligence of another person, your case will very likely fall under the jurisdiction of personal injury law. All of the lawyers at Rogers Bussey Personal Injury Law are skilled in this area of practice and will work as a team to get you fair results. Insurance companies will have a team of lawyers working for them, why shouldn't you?

Our Newfoundland Injury Lawyers Take on Large Insurance Companies
We have a reputation for success when handling cases involving large insurance companies, and we typically get serious settlement offers early in the process. Remember, you don't pay us until we reach a settlement for you. We are skilled in the following types of personal injury cases:

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If you are wondering what our personal injury lawyers can do for you, schedule a no-pressure consultation today! Our professionals will work to help you understand the claims process and your best options for proceeding. With our help, you will receive the representation and guidance you need to get started on your claim. We will make sure that you obtain a settlement that helps you get your life back in order. We are standing by to meet with you and discuss the particulars of your case, so contact us today!